Mt Dandenong
Category Melbourne Climbs
Start At the intersection of Bayswater Rd and Mout Dandenong Rd.
Finish At the carpark, at the top of Mt Dandenong
Description Climb up Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, then further up Ridge Rd and finishing at the end of ObservatoryRd. Turn around but continue along Mt Dandenong Toursit Rd through Olinda and Sassafras finishing at the base of the mountain at Burwood Hwy
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Climb Percentage
4.2% 1.71km
4.5% 6.10km
10.4% 0.74km
-5.7% 1.38km
6.3% 0.99km
-3.3% 2.70km
4.3% 1.00km
-7.5% 4.36km



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