Amy's Gran Fondo
Category Recreational
Start At Lorne. NB Timing starts 1.5km into the ride
Route Along Great Ocean Rd, turning north at Skenes Creek through Forrest, Barwon Downs and Deans Marsh. Then turning south back to Lorne.
Finish At Lorne. NB Timing finishes at top of climb on Deans Marsh-Lorne Rd.
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Climb Percentage
4.2% 1.76km
5.5% 9.34km
3.7% 2.21km
-3.9% 6.66km
2.8% 2.17km
-4.5% 1.28km
5.6% 0.68km
4.7% 1.91km
6.4% 1.59km
6.1% 1.25km
-4.1% 10.41km

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