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Start At the corner of Rosanna Rd and Burgundy St, Heidelberg
Route Through Heidelberg Park to Banyule Rd. Through Lower Plenty, along Bonds Rd, Old Eltham Rd to Eltham. From Main Rd, hook around Antoinette and Lavendar Park Rd, along Mt Pleasant Rd turning around at Research-Warrandyte Rd. Return the same way.
Finish At the start
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Climb Percentage
5.9% 0.56km
-5.3% 0.50km
4.4% 0.86km
-3.9% 1.10km
6.3% 1.07km
-5.7% 1.31km
7.6% 0.58km
6.3% 0.42km
-8.6% 0.33km
4.0% 1.16km
-4.9% 0.64km
7.8% 0.89km
5.8% 0.39km
-9.0% 0.67km
6.7% 0.71km

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