Wildwood Rd, Oaklands Junction
Category Melbourne Popular
Start Corner of Somerton and Sunbury Rds. at the aircraft viewing area carpark, north of Tullamarine airport
Route North along Somerton with a deviation up Bardwell Rd. Back down along Konagaderra Rd all the way to Melbourne-Lancefield Rd. Back along Konagaderra and soth down Wildwood Rd. Follow around to Sunbury Rd and back to the carpark
Finish At the start
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Climb Percentage
2.6% 2.42km
4.4% 1.18km
-7.2% 0.85km
6.3% 1.65km
-6.5% 1.69km
5.0% 1.36km
-5.9% 0.66km
5.6% 0.68km
-6.8% 1.04km
6.5% 1.01km

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