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The following symbols appear on the profiles and maps
Used at the start of a point to point race route .Often, the race is under control from the registration/ marshalling location
The typical chequered flag. If the start and finish are at the same location, then you'll only see this symbol. Often used for loops and circuits.
Registration/ Marshalling/ Carparking
This is where you can park your car, register (for a race) and prepare to be led to the start location.
Climb 1
The red circle depicts the top (end) of a climb. Often with climb symbols, a point just short of the heighest point of the hill has been selected. This gives a steeper (and more pertinent) grade.
Descent 2
A green circle depicts the top (start) of a descent.
Crest 3
The blue circle depicts a crest which represents the end of a climb and the start of a descent at (or very close to) the same position.
The climbs, descents and crest grades are tabulated alongside the maps.
Interacting with the maps
Activates the Flash movie control
Right click  
Displays the popup menu for the control
Zoom in  
Select the zoom-in popup menu item and the image is zoomed in, centered at the point you clicked
Zoom out  
Select the zoom-out popup menu item and the image is zoomed out, centered at the point you clicked
Show all  
Resets to the original zoom and pan
Once you have zoomed the image in, the cursor turns to a hand letting you pan the image.
Roads and geographic features
Gravel / Dirt roads
(not always present)
Minor roads  
Main roads  
National Parks    
State parks, forests    
Lakes and reservoirs    
Populated areas    




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