About Us

Cycling Profiles is a resource for road cyclists interested in exploring new places to ride and train and to know what to expect with the profile.

The library of routes is predominately within Victoria, but forever growing through NSW, ACT, QLD and Tasmania. You’ll find routes covering competitive events sanctioned by Cycling Australia, recreational events like Around the Bay and Audax Classic, and popular routes like Kinglake and Beach Rd within Victoria.

Each route profile is annotated with gradients of the significant climbs (and descents) so you can compare one route with another. Now you can plan more effectively how difficult or easy you want your next ride.

Mix up your training by riding your well-known routes then try a few new routes. Use the metrics associated with each profile to determine your degree of difficulty for that profile.

Compare the routes you know and love with those you are training to conquer. So you want to train for an event which is in the country or interstate? Get the profile for the event route and find a comparable route not far from home. Flat, rolling, lumpy, short, long or steep ……” every road has a purpose”


  • GPS mapping of competitive, recreational, road and mountain bike events
  • Graphic design of on-line and hardcopy cycling event collateral
  • Event advertising on www.cyclingprofiles.com.au
  • Product advertising on www.cyclingprofiles.com.au